What is the "Egyptian Pulley"?

  • The Old Kingdom Egyptians obviously used some kind of rudimentary but powerful "lifting machine" - one they could have readily fabricated based on available materials and known skills.
  • The Egyptian Pulley is a simple but true pulley - a lifting machine.
  • It is proposed that the Old Kingdom Egyptians, builders of the Great Pyramid, used such a simple, robust  pulley to both move and lift the Pyramid's 2.3 million stone blocks.
  • Provides the solution to how one stone was lifted every five minutes for ~ thirty years -- and this is the major  challenge almost all theories simply ignore.
  • Engineering calculations prove that there was sufficient area for the number of rope pullers required.
  • Full scale experiments have successfully demonstrated the operation of the Pulley.
  • Evidence of the Egyptian Pulley exists in the Great Pyramid itself.
  • The recent discovery of a steep ramp in the Eastern Desert of Egypt proves that the Old Kingdom Egyptians utilized steep ramps to lift heavy stones.  And steep ramps necessitate the use of a rope direction changing mechanism -- a true pulley being the most efficient.